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Obtaining copies of police reports

Citizens needing to obtain copies of police traffic accident or general police reports that were investigated by Reno Police Department can obtain them by coming to Reno Police Department at City Hall during normal business hours and making a public information request in writing. All information released to the public will be done in accordance with state law and city policy. The fee for obtaining copies of any report is $6.00 payable upon release of the report.

To request a copy of a police report, please fill out the Public Information Request Form and either bring it to Reno Police Department during normal business hours, or it can be emailed to the Chief of Police at

For more information on Open Government and the statutory requirements regarding public information requests, please visit the website of the Attorney General of Texas.

Accident reports

Reno Police Department submits accident reports online directly to the Texas Department of Transportation. Because of our online submissions, the state also offers the ability for involved parties to purchase copies of those reports online. To obtain a copy of an accident report for an accident investigated by Reno Police Department, persons and insurance companies can go online and purchase them. The regular reports are $6.00 and a certified copy is $8.00. Online purchases must also be done with a credit or debit card.

Open records requests are not required for Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Reports (CR-3), which are available for purchase through the Crash Report Online Purchase System.

Be advised, when you click the above link you will be forwarded to a webpage operated by the State of Texas. All proceeds for the purchase of the accident reports will go to the State of Texas.

As per the Transportation Code 550.065, in order to obtain a copy of a Texas Peace Officers Crash Report (CR-3), a person must be able to provide two or more of the following; the date of the crash, the name of any person involved in the crash, or the exact location of the crash.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Matt Birch, Chief of Police at (903)785-1744.

Emergency and Community notification

The City of Reno and the Reno Police Department have systems in place to inform its citizens of emergencies and community related information.

The City of Reno has two outdoor warning sirens located in the city limits to warn the outdoor public of an impending threat to the city regarding tornado warnings or any other major instance where immediate warning is required. The sirens are tested on the last Friday of each month, but only when skies are clear as to not unnecessarily scare the public or make for the possibility of a false warning.

The city also has a mass notification system known as Blackboard Connect. It is free to all citizens that live in the city. It uses the power of the telephone system, cell phones, and email so persons can receive alerts no matter where they are. It is a voluntary system and persons who live or has a business in the city are urged to sign up.

Important, time sensitive emergency notifications are done by making calls to subscribers traditional land line and cell phones they list when they sign up for the service, as well as any cell phone numbers where persons want to receive text messages and their email addresses. We also have the ability to send text messages to those cell phone numbers and email addresses specified regarding other important community information that is not time sensitive to public safety.

During disasters, such as the ice storm, tornadoes, or other severe weather, technology like this is very important to making the public aware of what is going on. Having this information go directly to your cell phones and email address on your smartphones is also very important. Please, if have not done so already, please sign up below. If you have, please contact us in order to make sure you are signed up with your current information. If you have any questions about this service, please contact the Chief of Police.

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